The Importance of Technology in Every Family

feature--1Modern technology can be considered as a direct outcome of the advancement and studies in the field of science and engineering. There is no doubt that technology has significantly affected modern society and ways of life. Technology in today’s reality offers a plenty of approaches to communicate effectively so that each individual from a family can stay in contact. From text messaging, Facebook, twitter, webcams, Skype, and emails, the assistance of communication has never been more accessible. Read More→

Negative Effects of Technology on Family Values

feature--2Though it has been proven that technology can help the family communicate more often and bridge the gap between distance and other factors, there are also some negative effects that we need to watch out. Read More→

How Technology Bridge the Gap in Family Communications

feature--3Communication is an integral part of Family values and with the fast face of demands from education and other factors, family communications seems to be hard to reach out with one another nowadays with the cause of work and study factors, but with the presence of technology this gap could be resolved. Read More→